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What if you’re good at branding and marketing but you don’t have any product to sell? The answer is White Label Solutions (WLS) which means you can buy a product or service from another brand through us --- Oriental WLS and sell it as your own.

WLS means the product and/or service were designed and approved by an enterprise then sold to another business. This business has the right to use the product and/or the service under its own label.

If you’re a reseller, you don’t need to think and worry about the process of the product’s development. You’ll just have to tailor fit the product with your choice of branding.

As for the product, here’s Oriental Game (OG). This is your cost-effective end-to-end platform solution to build your own customized online casino brand built for the Asian market and grow your gaming revenue.

Let the OG WLS platform work to your advantage. It has Marketing Tools, Risk Management, Business Intelligence Report and Agents System.

Our OG WLS Platform Advantage

Marketing Tools

Plan and manage Conversion, Retention, and Reactivation campaigns with confidence and strengthen your Marketing Plan. Our platform includes a powerful Bonus Engine, a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS), and Agent system to help you achieve your campaign goals.

Risk Management

Our platform is committed to protect your business from risky and fraudulent activity by helping them identify suspicious behavior.

Business Intelligence Report

Business Intelligence is vital in the decision-making process. Utilize our advanced Business Analytics Tool and Business Intelligence data to your advantage to help your team make better real-time business decisions.

Agents System

Unlimited Agent System. Manage and Monitor the performance of Agents with full transparency and control over Agent Network activity.

Cost-effective end-to end platform solution to build your own customized online casino brand built for the Asian market and Grow your Gaming Revenue.